Algemene Inligting
Alle inligting op die aansoekvorm en stawende dokumente sal gekontroleer word en woonadresse mag fisies nagegaan word. A registration fee / deposit is payable on acceptance of a learner. This deposit will secure the learner’s space in class. First fee (school fees + book fee) is payable on the first day of attendance and thereafter in advance. The remainder of the school fees will be divided into equal instalments. Your school fee account is to be settled by 1 October each year. If for some reason, your account falls into arrears, the learner will be denied further access to the school. One month’s written notice is required if the learner leaves the school/aftercare. The completed application form and corroborative documents must be handed in, by the parent or guardian personally, at the Laerskool Nelspruit school office. Incomplete application forms and documents will not be processed and will be handed back to the parent / guardian. An application is only deemed valid and complete if all corroborative documents are handed in and have been completed in full. Only legal parents and / or legal guardians, with whom the child is residing, are to apply for admission. This is the person who accepts responsibility for the learner. Proof of appointment as legal guardian must accompany the application if a legal guardian is involved. Die Beheerliggaam het die reg om aan te dring op ‘n uitgebreide geboortesertifikaat vir die leerder, indien nodig. Any false information on the attached application form will be regarded as an offence and may lead to the application being invalid. Indien enige van die inligting hierin vervat verander, moet die skool onmiddelik, skriftelik in kennis gestel word.
    The following documents MUST be attached to your application.
  1. CERTIFIED copy of learner's birth certificate
  2. ID photo of child
  3. Copy of BOTH parents / guardians Identity Documents
  4. Last progress report from previous school.
  5. Proof of residence (Water & Electricity account - not older than 3 months)